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Automotive Business Solution – Leasing management system (ABS LS)

Automotive Business Solution – Leasing system (ABS LS) focuses on helping our clients in every dimension of their leasing operations. We and our solution see ourselves as part of their team, as part of their company. We know our clients’ business and industry so every day we can propose innovative financing options to help them grow faster and save more. It's a unique level of service in this industry."

In this era of Sarbanes-Oxley, the complexities of equipment finance can make your equipment financing process dangerously cumbersome, time-consuming, and opaque. Poor visibility and accounting, decentralized transaction management, fractured processes, and incomplete systems can lead to costly financial mistakes and a variety of control and compliance problems. To grow your leasing volume to capture the financial benefits, like improved working capital, you need an operations team with the expertise, documented processes, and proper software platform.

In this way, our services and provided ABS LS industry solution based on Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV help our clients drive company performance while continually meeting related corporate objectives. It's a win-win relationship and that's the point.

ABS LS industry solution focuses on the specific requirements of the leasing sector. The solution represents typical processes of a leasing company from the quotation costing up to the termination of the contract. The ABS LS is fully integrated into the Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV.

The entire application has a uniform user interface very similar to Microsoft Outlook. ABS LS offers you the opportunity to concentrate on the core matters of your business. Total integration of both sales staff and credit advisers within new business ensures that proposals can be generated
in a structured, fast and flexible way.

Thanks to long operation in the market, our experience and quality technological and personal foul territory we know well our customers’ business activities, so we can always propose innovative solution with the aim to help to faster growth and higher savings.  By this we provide a unique level of services in this sphere.

ABS LS module

  • LS Financial leasing
  • LS Equipment / Operative leasing
  • LS Loans


ABS LS Equipment / Operative leasing (OPL)

ABS LS Operative Leasing (OPL) module offers small and big companies an attractive software solution operative leasing as a sequence to cover all other company processes within the company (finance, purchase, sale, long-term property, etc.)

ABS LS Operative leasing module perfectly covers and processes all services provided by you related to object leasing such as e.g. financing, insurance, damages solution, guarantee and after guarantee service, toll stickers, etc. ABS Operative leasing for Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV will help you lower costs and make processes of your company in the sphere of operative leasing more efficient.

Leasing contracts registration – Contract car is one of the basic cards of the system. It serves for evidence of all data about the contract. These data are particularly recorded in the contract card:

  • Basic contract parameters evidence such as e.g. object leasing, data about client, leasing period, agreed mileage, etc.
  • Object leasing equipments evidence
  • Evidence of services that the client has contracted
    o Tire service – automatic calculation of costs for tire service according to setup parameters
    o Service – possibility of automatic calculation of costs for service in case of connection to the costs library delivered by the third party
    o Assist Service – calculation of costs according to setup pricelist
    o Replacement car – calculation of costs as a percentage from service costs
    o Administrative charge – optionally regulable price of administrative charge
    o Toll sticker – automatic calculation of costs for toll sticker
    o Road tax – automatic calculation of road tax according to setup pricelist
    o Tank cards – tank cards evidence + loading of  data for pre-booking for tank cards
    o Fees – possibility of random addition of charges in the contract
  • Car insurance evidence and control – evidence of all types of car insurance + automatic report generating into insurance company about newly insured cars and terminated car insurances.
  • Approval process of documents necessary for conclusion of a contract
  • Fast list of contract payments
  • It enables a choice of interest running (Fixed, Variable)

ABS LS - Operative leasing concract card

Leasing calculations – it enables interactive proposal of leasing contract. Staff has all important information on one screen and a contract can be “improved” by parameters change. Any change is done over one chosen contract (future contract calculation). This calculation contains all services that are in the contract card.

ABS LS - Operative leasing calculation

Fixed assets evidence / registration – fixed assets is filled in standard fixed assets module in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Connection is realized to the extent that there is relation to a contract of a hire purchase system in the fixed assets module. Fixed assets module is extended by some fields’ characteristic of fixed assets at leasing. The withdrawals registers, service registration are part of the fixed assets registration. There is an independent functionality in the system for leasing property depreciation. It enables to do accounting depreciations depending on leasing contract payments.

Reminders and penalties - standard module of reminders and penalties in Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV is used for reminders and penalties. This module works over standard customer balance into which a claim note is transferred during posting a payment. The payment is charged and matched to a note by Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV system by means of standard mechanisms.

History - it is possible to use the standard Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV – “CHANGE LOG” mechanism to record the history of hand adjustment.

Dimension - the system is built on the usage of standard Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV dimensions for the possibility of other analysis.

Customer - the header of the contract is connected with the customer in order that the change was displayed immediately to the contract and invoicing during the change in the table of a customer. The history will be recorded in customer’s Change-Log.

ABS LS - Customer card

Currencies - it is possible to work with more currencies in the module. The change into to local currency will be automatically made while accounting in the same way as during accounting of foreign currency from the journal.

Export to Microsoft Word - possibility to create leasing contract so that chosen fields from the header of a leasing contract would be transferred as folds into Microsoft Word template in order that it was possible to create the text of a leasing contract. The template will be bound to the contract model.

Interface for import of leasing contract from external source - if the leasing contract is created in external system (e.g. Microsoft Excel), the system is able to import such externally created leasing contract. The format CSV is used within the basic menu. There also exist other possibilities such as xml or direct accesses into the database.

Integrated CRM (customer relations management) – there is an integration to customers (potential customers) via customer, where there are a lot of supporting CRM tools (customer relations management), including contact classification, contact profile questionnaire and interactions evidence.

Insurance contracts evidence – it is insurance contracts evidence at objects leasing, outputs of rates and payments for navy insurance.

Insurance incidents evidence – it serves for evidence of object leasing insurance incidents. This functionality does not allow finishing the insurance incident if this insurance incident execution is not liquidated. All data about the insurance incident and payments to this insurance incident both from costs side and profits side are recorded in detail in the insurance incident card by the help of direct connection to the financial module. User can see whole insurance incident balance and particular payments parts for the insurance incident in one window.

ABS LS - Insurance incident card

Re-invoicing of costs - module automatically charges costs items from chosen accounts to a customer and it can also charge flat sums. All is done periodically according to the schedule.

Data migration - module enables primary impletion of headers of contracts, property and schedules of payments at open leasing contracts. It is essential to do analysis of current data and propose transmissive bridge.

Connection to the Internet - module enables the support for on-line connection of the system to the Internet. Thus it is possible to publish calculator, collect offers and transfer into the system automatically, inform about the account balance (unpaid payments), generate reminders such as Email automatically, or create complete portal for leasing contracts creation at partner organizations.

Schedule of due dates - schedules of due dates are divided into two levels in order that they enabled bigger variability while defining structure of payments and accounting. The first level is characterized by a payment; in the second level it is possible to unwind particular items of a payment. Their number is not limited. It enables to include more service items, insurance or abandonment of the payment into the payments.

Workflow - all charged items are thoroughly entered into a table “leasing items”. Particular operations create items of a leasing journal.

Interests charging - if there is a change in interests’ rates, it is possible to add interest charging. In the Leasing module interest charging is done by return (also in case that particular payments are charged, the principal balance is paid interest on in the interval of particular payments).

Cars to sell - module enables possibility to offer leasing cars for sale (auction or internet bazaars, etc.).


ABS LS Financial leasing (FL)

Module ABS LS Financial leasing for financial leasing, an integrate suite of end to end leasing and financial software solutions catering to the needs of Retail and Wholesale finance Businesses. ABS LS Financial leasing is AXIOM's premium suite for leasing industry which covers the entire leasing and lending life cycle by streamlining all the processes originating from quote generation through efficient portfolio management till the complete contract closure. ABS LS Financial leasing is a proven software application acknowledged due to its completeness and competitiveness. The flexibility offered by AXIOM SW helps targeting various industry segments which involves leasing and finance management. ABS LS Financial leasing covers retail as well as wholesale finances.

ABS LS Financial leasing is fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV solution. It’s the biggest advantage in comparison to other leasing solutions.

ABS LS - Financial leasing menu structure

ABS LS Financial leasing benefits

  • Leasing operation suggestion and calculation 
  • Leasing contracts evidence
  • Automatic Leasing contracts posting with full control in Financial management
  • Fully integrated with other Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV modules (such as Financials, Inventory, etc.)
  • Deep analytic functions (OLAP etc.)

Leasing Calculator

  • Interactive Leasing contracts suggestions
  • All necessary information on one screen
  • Different Contracts version and their archiving during sales (offer) process

Annuity calendar calculation - automatic annuity calendar suggestion and calculation according to various criteria (leasing duration, no. of annuity, annuity period, fixed assets insurance, provision, etc.).

Leasing contracts evidence

  • Leasing contracts are archived including all leasing parameters 
  • All invoices and payments evidence connected with Leasing contract evidence

ABS LS – Financial leasing contract card

Automatic posting - automatic process for posting invoices from Leasing contracts according to various criteria and send electronic information to customers by e-mail.

Permissions - all permissions setting is connected with standard Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV settings.

Contract templates - you could prepare unlimited own Contract templates in Microsoft Word format and system enables you to export data from Leasing contract directly into these templates automatically.

VAT change - if VAT is changed it is possible to make proper change into Leasing contracts and system automatically calculates new annuity calendars and payments.

Fixed assets evidence

  • All Leasing contracts are connected with fixed assets entries
  • There are standard functionalities for depreciation, maintenance evidence, etc.

Bank loans evidence

  • Bank loans (your loan from bank) evidence including interest payment
  • Loan utilization tracking etc.
  • Comparison between Bank loan utilization and connected Leasing contracts profit

Microsoft Office connection - standard connection to Microsoft Office products (Word and Excel).

Connection to Marketing (CRM) - direct connection to Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV marketing (CRM) module.

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Case study - Leasing Slovenskej sporiteľne a.s.

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